The government and political leaders, who say they have no money, now they spending millions on elections

 Only the poster and the flux of the smiling candidate can be seen on the road. If this is not the case then maybe this is a good idea. But this time more money is flowing through social media.

In the last one week alone, political parties in Kerala have dusted off over Rs 18 lakh on Facebook for advertisements. It is certain that more money has flowed into the Left for the advertisement of the LDF.

The advertisement was released through LDF Kerala, the official Facebook page of the LDF. They paid Facebook Rs 6.7 lakh for the advertisement to reach out to more people with election videos. During this period, various political parties spent Rs 18 lakh on Facebook.

The records of the amount spent by them are in the Facebook ad library. In the last one month, the LDF Kerala page has spent Rs 9.34 lakh on various advertisements while the Congress has given only Rs 61,223 in advertisements.

In the last one month, Facebook has earned over Rs 30 lakh from Kerala for posting messages related to various social issues. Of the various states in the country, Bengal has spent the most on this. Facebook has acquired Rs 2.2 crore from here.

Although political leaders have no money to give or help the people, but we can see that money is being wasted on electioneering and living them a luxury life.

Source : Kerala Koumadi 

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