The second wave of Covid peaked in April; Lasts up to hundred days; SBI Report

New Delhi: Covid cases have been on the rise in the country since February.  The SBI study reports that this indicates a second Covid wave.  The second wave lasts up to 100 days, according to the study.

 Announcing a lock down is not effective in preventing the second wave of Covid and the Covid vaccine needs to be given to everyone quickly.  According to the report, Covid cases will reach their highest level in the country by the second week of April.

 In the last two days, India has recorded the highest number of Covid spreads.

 More than one lakh people have been diagnosed with the virus.  Covid confirmed 53,476 people yesterday.  This is the highest daily count this year.  With this, the total number of cases has increased to 1,17,87,534, according to the Central Ministry of Health.

 The 28-page report says that although the second wave of Covid is severe, the country will be able to cope better with the introduction of Covid vaccines.  Vaccination is the only hope as the lock down is not effective, the report said.

 Yesterday alone, 251 people died following Covid .  The death toll rose to 1,60,692.  Currently, 3,95,192 people are in treatment.  Yesterday alone, 26,490 people were cured.  The total number of cases has risen to 1,12,31,650, according to government figures.  So far, 5,31,45,709 people  been vaccinated, according to government figures.


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