Google does a very good job of maximizing its revenues by showing advertisements to its users at every possible opportunity, place and location including inside your Gmail mailbox. If you are tired of being bombarded with ads every time you log into your gmail account, then don't worry since you can easily remove them from your gmail account by following the below steps.

  1. one place where Gmail likes to display ads inside your mailbox is in the form of web clips which get  displayed in narrow banner above every email that you receive in your account. While originally web clips used to display RSS feeds, nowadays they are mostly used to display ads. 
  2. The good news is that it is possible to disable Web Clips and prevent them from getting displayed in your mail box by going to Setting > Web Clips and then Disabling the Web Clips option
    3.  Ever since Google has introduced the tabbed interface in Gmail (in which your Emails automatically get sorted into different tabs like Primary, Social, Promotions and Updates), they have started displaying advertisements in your account in the form of actual emails that appear inside the Promotions tab. To keep these ads relevant, Google uses your search history and scans through your emails, which can be quite alarming for many privacy concerned users. 

    4.  If You want to stop such ads from getting displayed in your Email account, then you will need to disable the promotions tab completely by going to Setting > Inbox and then Deselecting the Promotions tab.

    5. Another way to stop ads from getting displayed in your mailbox is to switch to Gmail's basic HTML view by opening your browser to  

    6. Instead of using any of these manual techniques of blocking ads in your Gmail account, it is also possible to automatically block all ads in your Gmail account by Using the Gmelius Browser app. 

Once you have installed it in your browser, go to its Setting and enable the Remove ads option. However,it is important to note that this app only blocks ads in the web interface of Gmail and won't able to block ads thet get displayed in the Gmail mobile app on your phone. 

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